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#297 It’s soooo good to be back together in Antigua, and we’re gonna make the most of it. It’s beautiful beaches and beautiful summer sunshine (for the most part). It means so much that we’re back in a familiar port and a familiar area, it means we can properly relax and get to the good stuff. There are some really big things coming up for us so we’re super keen to settle down here at Falmouth Harbour for a bit. And Riley reunites with an old friend spearfishing in search of some truly massive wahoo, and we net a pretty delicious dinner out of it. Cheers George!

Plus: Riley tries to work out what le grille means in French as he battles with the manual of our increasingly saline watermaker. Just another one of the hundreds of moving parts to making our sailing home work.

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Song Credits:
00:02 – Drop Legs – Vices
03:22 – George Sidiropoulos – If It’s You (Acoustic)
07:19 – Lockd – LykΓ³fos
10:46 – Jennifer Perryman – Shake It Off
14:32 – Michael Dunstan – Lay in the Sun – Acoustic
15:33 – Young Robin – Tropical Punch
19:22 – Jordan Merrick – Rock N Roll Man
21:57 – Movie Silence

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