Our time in Bimini was so amazing we couldn't fit it all in one episode, so we made TWO!! In pt.1 we have the experience of a lifetime and get to go freediving with Hammerheads thanks to our Stephanie Lynn on ‘ La Vie'. We got up close and personal with these amazing creatures as well as some nurse sharks and a couple hovering bull sharks that waited around for some scraps. Our friend Matt Grondin, an amazing photographer below and above the oceans surface got some great shots that you can find on Instagram. Nathalie tried out her new Ikalite camera housing that she saved up all summer for and also got some incredible shots. Tyson Sadler and Sophie Miller also created some amazing content from this incredible experience (all accounts listed below).
Outside all the shark excitement, we also got invited, on two separate occasions, by sport fishermen to go Wahoo fishing. The first day Nathalie went out on her own Randy and Jeff on ‘Reel Escape', Sascha believed she was luck and decided to stay back. The following day we both got invited to go out with Bill, Bill, and one Bill's son Tyler. Sascha did join this time around. After a couple hours, Sascha's curse, we called her the banana (bananas are bad luck for fishing we guess…) was broken after we caught not one, but TWO Wahoo. What a great time that was. After all this excitement our time in Bimini still wasn't over! Check back next week, or our next , for more fun times in Bimini!!!

Thanks so all our friends for making this part of our trip so memorable!! Check them out on Instagram:
@freediversteph, @Sail La Vie
@mattgrondinphoto, @matt grondin
@tysonsadler (Thank you for the thumbnail)

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