ROUGH Seas crossing the Gulf Stream, boat CRASHES, Captain Ron Style DILEMMA!!! S2:E24


Hello Everyone!
The Far Side gets splashed and we take off for The Bahamas!!! During this video we take you along during our 11 hr crossing. We had 8-10 ft rollers and gust of 20 knots and then we finally made it into Bahamian waters! We stop at Cat Cay for the night and then continue on to Bimini to clear in and start enjoying our time in the Bahamas and celebrate Sascha’s Birthday, she’s 25!!!
Some good friends of ours put together a perfect short YouTube clip that we have linked during our video for those of travelers who are looking to cruise to The Bahamas.
If anyone has any questions please leave a comment below. We love to hear from our followers!

Traveling to the Bahamas Covid requirements:
Friends of ours from Knot a Clue made a great short video on traveling to the Bahamas that we have linked in our video.
To enter clear into the Bahamas, everyone needs to receive a PCR covid test within five days of clearing in to the country. The results MUST be negative. Once the results have been received you go to and create an account where you submit a picture of your passport.
Once the account has been made and you receive your negative PCR test results you will ‘Add a Trip’ where you input your travel arrival and return dates, where you will be clearing into the country, and an image of your negative test results.
After adding your trip, wait a couple hours. If the trip is accepted you will be directed to another website where you will need to pay $60 for a health insurance policy while you are visiting the country.
After following all the above steps you will receive a picture code that you will want to screenshot for the future and to give to immigration. As long as you arrive in the bahamas within that 5-day window, clearing in with immigration and customs will be a breeze.
One more step is to take another rapid test, locations are listed on the travel website depending on where you are, five days after you arrive in the Bahamas. Once that test has been completed you are all set to enjoy your time! You will receive a health questionnaire for the next two weeks just to verify you have no covid symptoms, but otherwise you’re all set 🙂

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