Sailing Avocet | DIY Lithium Batteries, Part 1.5


Thank you to everyone who watched part 1 of our DIY Lithium Battery build! Your questions and desire to dive deeper into the wild world of Lithium inspired us to make this part 1.5 to give you the answers you deserve! If you haven’t already, please check out part one so you get the full story 🙂 Happy DIY’ing!

0:00 Recap on DIY
1:09 Is Lithium Power Safe?
2:33 What is a Battery Management System (BMS)
6:50 Why Do You Have a Lead Acid Battery?
8:50 How “Green” Is Lithium?
10:05 Final Thoughts

For a full project breakdown and itemized list of materials, check out our blog:

Disclaimer: This is a custom system built for our needs. Before attempting a project like this please do your due diligence and research what exactly you need to accommodate your vessel. ______________
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