Structural TRANSFORMATION (better than it never happened) | Expedition Evans 30


Our bilge has been completely rebuilt. And now it’s time to use whatever it takes to make it smooth. Fairing, sanding, painting, flow coat? peel ply? Who knows. The reason we want it smooth is because we want it to look good after all our hard work, no way could we leave it half done! And the other is functional, a smooth bilge is much easier to clean and help keep our boat from smelling like a gross old boat!

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The Evans’

*Our Boat*
2008 Beneteau 49
3 cabin 2 head
Westerbeke generator
Mast, sails and rig are in excellent condition and in storage
Here’s what we *think* we know about her past. Keep in mind we bought her at auction without ever meeting the owner! The owner was sailing along and ran aground – hard. Hard enough that the keel pivoted and pushed the aft end up into the hull. This force cracked the internal grid in several places and broke a portion of the grid free from hull. At some point an inspection was done, insurance was called and decisions were made. See for how we came to own her!


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