The best way to shiny topsides that stay looking great.

I’m trying something new on our topsides which regular viewers will know have been a battle to keep looking good.
Instead of applying polish which seems to wear off in months and leave the gelcoat exposed to oxidisation, which makes it really chalky, I’m trying some new fangled nano technology!
This is a product that chemically bonds to the gelcoat and becomes the working surface, it has UV protection and stops stains and even minor scratches.
The product that was recommended to me by viewers was Ceramic Base and Top coat by Gtechniq. It is rated to last from 3-5 years, I was lucky to get even 3-5 months from polish of any kind and it’s certainly much easier to apply than polish.
This video takes you through all the prep for tired gelcoat, which is the same wether you choose polish or a high tech product for protection. And then the comparison between a polish and a ceramic finish.
This video will go out March-April 2021, I will keep you guys informed on how the different technics perform in the episodes as we sail. I will post links here to where you can find them when they happen so do check back.
If you’re thinking of using Gtechniq products, so far I thoroughly recommend them, if you’re interested have a look on this link..

And remember ceramic coatings aren’t just for old gelcoat, in fact they are really best on brand new gelcoat to protect it properly from the start. This technology has been used very successfully for some time now on top end cars to protect them from new. Gtechniq have a range of products specifically for marine use, I’ve used a few of them now and they all seem really good.