Hello Everyone!
Hope you guys enjoy a full of our ! We have to get through all the nitty gritty and important things before we can get to ! The few months we took to get the ready were the most important months! In this video we show you how we completed our biggest projects that we had to get done before heading down to the keys to haul out. We installed an AIS system, new VHF antenna, Nathalie patched the dingy's, we finished re-calking some areas of the deck and sealing it so we wouldn't have any more leaks, among a couple other projects. Below we listed the times on the video that we start each project if anyone wants to skip around a bit. This is not a tutorial video, but maybe you can get some ideas if your in a similar boat (lol) and can get an idea from how we did things.

2:14 – Go over how we fix the stanchions from leaking through the deck
5:09 – Putting patches on the dingy
7:52 – Installing our AIS system
11:15 – Calking the teak top deck
14:00 – Starting our Diesel engine, alternator issue, but otherwise ok!
16:01 – Adding extra battery connected directly to windlass
19:20 – Starting outboard engines before placing them on the boat
21:17 – Re-attaching VHF antenna
23:13 – Bloopers 🙂

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