We sail to Nassau and on the way we stop at Normans Cay (Pablo Escobar’s old island). The island was once the main stopover and re-fuelling point for Pablo’s planes traveling to the US laden with drugs. It was estimated that during the late 1970’s and early 80’s that 80% of cocaine in the US came through Normans Cay!

We find and snorkel on one of the crashed drugs plane which sits in only a few feet of water.

The next day we make our way to Nassau and have to cross the Yellow Bank. Yellow bank is a very shallow patch about 20 miles offshore that you have to cross coming from the Exumas. With only a couple of feet under the keel, we have to weave between coral reefs!

0:00 We leave Staniel Cay
03:15 Arriving Norman Cay
05:02 Pablo Escobar’s crashed plane
06:00 Carlos Lehder and the Meddelin Cartel
08:12 Crossing Yellow Bank
11:00 Arriving Nassau