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It’s coming up behind us at the speed of light, flaming white hot, leaving only the smell of ozone. This is it. We’ve accomplished something, ladies and gents, but this was not our plan.

You’re about to find out what lies in the ominous white space between the production and the upload, the great unknown gap between the ethereal myriad of possibilities and reality.

Stripped bare, stark naked with nothing but ourselves, our cameras, and our big old dreams.
Our last bit of footage is chomping on our heels.
And by that I mean
It appears..
we’ve caught up
Somebody get me a life jacket.

Thanks to Epidemic Sounds for providing us with music for this video:
Find out more here: https://bit.ly/SLV-EpidemicSounds
00:00 – ES_Civilization Meltdown – Eoin Mantell
02:37 – ES_Hawthorne – Sarah, the Illstrumentalist
04:58 – ES_Wandering Nomad – Cody Francis
08:01 – ES_The Earth Goes to Sleep – Lama House
10:48 – ES_The Thought of You (Instrumental Version) – Snake City
14:42 – ES_October 22nd – Vendla

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