As if we didn’t see enough salt, we get even more salty than we normally do by visiting The Salt Pans of Bonaire.

With the wind in our hair, these ‘salty sea dogs’ take off on a very unplanned adventure by scooter around the south side of Bonaire (part of the ABC islands). You can take the sports car away from the man, but you cannot take the speed out of the demon!! 😉 James loves a bit of speed and knowing this I got on a motorcycle reluctantly, but excited to explore one of the worlds most beautiful islands and natural reserve.

As I relaxed on the scooter, we discover some of Bonaire’s history and wildlife, seeing flamingos in their natural habitat and learning as we went.

We visit the incredible salt flats that provide over 500,000 metric tonnes of salt to Europe, Asia and North America every year.

Talking about salt all day long made us very hungry and thirsty and so we stopped off at a magnificent beach resort and restaurant for a spot of late lunch and rode back to the boat into the sunset.

……it was a really wonderful day and highly recommend anyone doing the same trip – even by scooter!!!! 😉

00:00 Introduction
01:49 Hiring the scooter
03:41 Flamingos
04:33 Jibe City (Lac Bay)
07:33 Coast of the 7 colours
10:29 The slave huts
12:06 The Bonaire salt flats
14:24 Lunch at Ocean Oasis
16:42 Outtakes

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