Join my ride on the first leg on my SECOND attempt to reach the icy shores of east Greenland, to get to the most remote village of Ittoqqortoormiit.
In this video we will again cross the wild North Sea from my hometown Haugesund, in Norway to Lerwick, Shetland. Together 200 NM of joy. And what a ride it was!
I have also quit my regular job to try doing this full time. Its a big step to take so every bit of help and support is greatly appreciated. Lets go!


RAYMARINE equipment:

Sails from Rolly Tasker:
OSCAR thermo camera:
Solar panels:
Hydrovane selfsteering:
Deck equipment:
Sail accessories:
Weather forecast:
REAL turmat (dryfood)

T-shirts and merch inside EU:
US and everywhere else: