WooHoo time to sail to Panama! Kiril did an absolutely bang-up job editing this 6 part series for us. We’ll be releasing the videos over the next few weeks. Hope you enjoy and have a fantastic weekend :). XXOO- Brian, Kazza, Baby Nugs, Taylor, Jade, and JaeCee

Immigration. Check! Fuel. Check! Provisions. Check! Weather Forecast. Check! The only thing left is to pull up the hook and head out. There’s nothing quite like the feeling just before a passage. It’s a mixture of anxiety and excitement all rolled together, and knowing that you are about to cross 1,000 miles of open ocean with a group of incredibly cool people only makes it that much better. After lashing Maggie to the foredeck we do a crew briefing and planning session, pull up the hook, hoist sail, and set our course East- towards Panama. Spirits are incredibly high and our new crew is in the groove spending their first night at sea. Things don’t always go smoothly as our freezer quits on day 2. But then we get wind to sail and The Little Nugget keeps the crew in shape with one of her exercise routines 🙂

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