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This is the Evans How To video series. This week- how to run aground in a strong current of alligator infested waters! Yep, you’re learning it here first folks 😂

Rounding Cape Hatteras or venturing down the Intercoastal Waterway (ICW) both pose legitimate risks to our boat. But that’s the position we’re in as we reach the bottom of the Chesapeake Bay and weigh our options.

We make the obvious choice, given that Bridge 7 will be closed most of the time, and with storm surges we might not fit under the other 65′ bridges – which is to take our home around Cape Hatteras… the graveyard of the Atlantic.

And once we do, we find ourselves learning how to use a stern anchor, and rappel over 100′ down a slot canyon. Love it.

And a huge shout out to @ForSunAndStars or filming the cat rescue


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