Biggest Plans of our LIVES: We're headed for Cape Horn/Antarctica!!!

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Happy Thanksgiving to all our American fans!!!!

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00:00 Meet James and Ana
01:00 Old Intro
02:38 Jackery Solar Generator (Sponsored Ad)
04:23 PLAN REVEAL (Cont’d)
05:32 ROUTE Explained
06:12 Rules of the Boat
06:34 HOW to Book a TRIP!
07:59 What will you DO onboard?
08:21 FAQ #1: Do I Need Experience?
08:37 FAQ #2: Onboard Amenities
09:44 FAQ #3: Do I get my own Bed?
10:04 FAQ #4: Do I have to be on YouTube?
10:36 FAQ #5: Can we call Home?
11:16 FAQ #6: How do I Support?
11:35 FAQ #7: Is this Dangerous?
12:26 How to SAIL with US!!!