We take a very exciting step this week, and it is to begin a brand new part of finish work inside our catamaran. After getting our hands on some riff cut white oak this past spring, we’re now ready to begin trimming it down and installing the hardwood trim which will outline all of our cabinet doors.

Before the installation process can even begin, we need to measure and cut the pieces to size. But since they came to us with rough edges, we also need to mill them down to create smooth finishes. Matt’s last task, is to run them along our table saw (the router was giving us trouble) in order to create the t-shape which will fit into our de-cored edges.

When the pieces are ready to go in, we bond them with our TotalBoat wood epoxy, and use the level to get them plumb, as well as a dozen or so clamps to keep them in place. The next day Matt sands off any excess wood epoxy, and then it’s time to use our TotalBoat epoxy fairing compound to fill in low spots and gaps.

This takes just a few rounds, but we’re left with surfaces which are completely flush to the wall and straight lines from the trim, which we’ll be able to tape off when it’s time for the paint to go on.

In less than a week we were able to mill, bond and fair all the pieces in the owner’s hallway, so it feels like a huge move forward for us!

We hope you enjoy.

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Videos made by Jessica, featuring Matt and Georgie.

00:00 – We’re moving on to a NEW area of finishing!
01:30 – Cutting and milling our white oak hardwood
05:43 – Bonding trim to cabinet edges
09:05 – Making sure it’s plumb and flush
11:41 – I tried filling in the gaps
12:52 – Using Epoxy filler for the low spots
15:22 – Longboarding to blend it in
17:28 – Closing

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