Maya Bay in the Phi Phi islands was made famous by Leonardo Di Caprio. Before leaving Thailand we had to stop here!

Entering the count down of days until we head into the yard, it dawned on us, that we will soon be leaving Thailand. Whilst we have sailed back and forth in this area for a number of years now, over the last 12 months we have not really been exploring.
See, Thailand is a great place to get boat work done and it seems that is all we have been doing!
With this information now in the fore front of our brains, we decided we needed to play tourist and go the islands for a few days.

Many years ago Leonardo di Caprio and his Hollywood pals made the phi phi islands famous when they filmed the movie “the beach” in Maya bay.
Subsequently, these stunning islands and in particular “that beach” has now become the result of mass tourism thousands of people will visit every day.

People flock in the hoards by long tail boats and larger ferries to witness this spectacular area and walk on the beach.
Although this is where being cruising sailors has its benefits.
Every day, those long tails and ferries must leave to take people back to their accommodation, leaving us sailboats alone to experience the serenity of Maya bay.

Before leaving Thailand, we thought it a must stop off, for one last time…

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