We’re Cutting Out Windows!! (MJ Sailing – Ep 322)

We're Cutting Out Windows!! (MJ Sailing - Ep 322)

This will be THE YEAR to move out of the tent, and we have a lot of exterior work to pay attention to.

In the last episode we had sprayed on Alexseals’ finish primer to our master head and berth, so now Matt gets to go through with our Flexisander to see how close we are to spraying on the final coat of paint. I, as per usual, am finding the tiniest imperfections in the coves that need just the littlest bit of fairing, and Matt continues to work on the line – aka, the outboard chine.

After it’s faired and sanded we add on more primer to see how it’s coming along, and to be honest, it’s the only thing holding us up now from actually spraying paint in this area. Fingers crossed we perfect that soon!

In some fun news and ways we’re changing the look of the boat, Matt goes through the windows that lead into the cockpit and traces out the trim area, so he can cut out the window. He wants to get this addressed as soon as possible, measuring and routing what will be the final trim on these windows, so that we can get it faired and polished up before the paint ever goes on. Wouldn’t that be terrible to get the area looking great and then crack the paint if we were to route it later?

Lastly we take advantage of a few warm days to work on the exterior of the boat. We were able to bond the cabin top down on one of our last nice days last fall, but before we can think about cutting out the cabin side windows and working on them, we need to actually glass the cabin top to the side. Matt takes care of that project with two layers of our 12 oz double biased fiberglass, and the next day I begin the fair the forward part of the overhand.

With plans to move out of the tent later this summer, we need to make sure all windows and doors are attached by July/August….which means all those areas need to be prepped before then!

We hope you enjoy!!

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