What changes would you make if a designer let you make tweaks to your new ?

We're back with a new , and this time, with something a little more interesting than us touching up spots in our primer. (Which we've learned after talking to a lot of people, show up WAY LESS on camera than they do in person.)

This week we've made the trip out to the Max factory in Vietnam to to a tour of the yard. One of the largest reasons for that visit, you'll see in next week's video when we reveal the production of their new 48 and 55 ft catamarans. But before we can get to those, we thought we'd show you the amazing evolution of the 44 – the same boat we're building!

In person we've only seen hulls 04 and 06, which both launched in the summer of 2022. And while some changes made to each of these have been at the request of each particular owner, there has been a progression of staples that are making their way onto each new hull.

One of the big things we can relate to is the raised helm and surrounding areas, as we're busy building out ours and can take a lot of great ideas from it. Another is to take away the island sitting at the sill of the cockpit, and replace it with a comfortable L shaped settee and permanent table.

Specific to this hull, the owner has asked for extra storage inside each of the aft bunks, and we see this becoming a popular request on future hulls. Then there are things such as adding veneer to the major bulkheads as well as painting the cabin sides, which we're doing similar things to, but are at that point just a matter of aesthetics and owner's taste.

Take a look through and tell us which changes you like the best, or any suggestions of what you would ask for if this were to be your boat.

We hope you enjoy!

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Much love,

Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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