CATAMARAN BUILD – Choosing Our Interior & Exterior Lighting (MJ Sailing – Ep 329)

CATAMARAN BUILD - Choosing Our Interior & Exterior Lighting (MJ Sailing - Ep 329)

We’re back to working on our own boat and it feels so good!

In this week’s episode we give a rundown of the lighting options we’ve chosen to go with, even if it will be a little bit before we get to install them.

While at METS in November, we ran into a friend that works for Lumishore, and after staying to look at their display, we were instantly hooked on their products. Everything they offer which we’re looking to add (down lighting, rope lighting, courtesy lights, and underwater lights) are CRGBW, which means they can do both cool and warm whites, plus they can go through every spectrum of the color wheel. And not only that, but they also dim, so we can always choose the level of brightness we want inside or out.

I’ve put together a few diagrams showing what we thought would be a good fit on our boat, and they came back with something a little more amped up, but that will give us the most options in the long run.

On other work that’s actually getting completed on the boat, Matt and I work to add in the aft steps we picked up while at the yard in Vietnam. This is going to help us so much day to day, as now we’ll be able to easily step from the aft cockpit area onto the side deck. No more painful knees for us!

As always, it is a process. first is the cutting and fitting stage, and then drilling holes through the bulkhead into the aft cabin. Matt has to then backfill those holes with thickened resin, as well as sand off the gelcoat on the exterior where they’ll be bonded in.

Once all of that is ready we slap some methacrylate on both the steps and the transom and get them bonded into place. A small visual change for the boat, but a big step forward (no pun intended) for the ease of us moving around now as we work each day.

We hope you enjoy!
Much love,
Jessica, Matt & Georgie

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