Indonesia’s wooden SailBoat builders. Traditional handmade masterpieces. | Ep. 261

pacific pearl sailing

Indonesia has a very long history when it comes to ocean travel. They’ve sailed far and wide for centuries now, fishing, trading and transporting goods. Sailing around Indonesia its hard to not notice the majestic looking Phinisi sailing ship, sometimes in a foggy anchorage you can imagine ancient times in these parts. The long beach at Tana Beru is where these wooden ships have been built since the 14th century and still to this day 40-50 are under construction at any one time.
We spent a week anchored just offshore and I spent many hours wandering around the different sites, observing, asking questions and filming the work being done.
The boats are built largely without plans, the knowledge being passed down from generation to generation. Some electric tools are used but the vast majority of the work is done manually. Incredible to witness these men going about their daily work.
I absolutely loved our time spent in Beru
We hope youll enjoy this video guys.

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