Electric Outboard Motor | ePropulsion Spirit 1.0 Evo. FULL TEST


Being full time live aboard cruisers spending most of our time at anchor we rely on our outboard engine completely.
Our petrol engine was not only unreliable, it was noisy, heavy and meant we had to store petrol on board which I don’t like doing.
So the search was on for the best electric engine money could buy and extensive research pointed to ePropulsion.
They’ve had very good reviews and now have a new version of their Spirit range, the 1.0 Evo which is a 3bhp equivalent engine that can be charged by mains, 12v and solar and also can generate it’s own power to charge the battery when towed.
With no fuel costs and virtually no maintenance, it’s direct drive brushless motors promise a eco friendly and whisper quiet ride, for an affordable price.
Too good to be true? We find out…

If you’re interested in looking at ePropulsion engines here’s a link to their website:

Electric Outboard Motor


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