we eventually crossed the line. A sailor’s dream, an accomplishment which circles in the same range as climbing one of the high peaks of our planet. We were so excited and the stories the captain spread made us even more excited.
He told us about a court and a trial with King Neptune and that we have to pay for our sins and we need to sacrifice what we love, that it will be ugly and that there is no way of avoiding it. It’s the law of the King and he rules hard with tadpoles who doesn’t respect it. So don’t argue or wine about it!

OK, where was that written when we signed up for the trip?

We were watching the coordinates closely and when the numbers went down to 0 Degree, we couldn’t believe what happened..
but see for yourself!

enjoy the latest part of our ocean adventure..

fay + christian

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Sail with us, we’ll take you along!

fay + christian

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