Bringing holiday spirit cruising

If you’re cruising, you must be flexible. The weather doesn’t adapt to your plans. Familiar products you know from home may not be accessible. And yes, the familiar must have features of your traditional holiday probably don’t exist in far flung places. Thanksgiving 2015 in Lesotho: kicked off with a donkey pub crawl and nothing…

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Cruising untethered in the Sea of Cortez

Cruising is steeped in freedom. Thanks to coronavirus, that makes it more appealing than ever, while at the same time it is more circumscribed than ever. Sailing north and deeper into the Sea of Cortez is to enter a disconnected world, one that feels untouched by pandemic concerns. Limitations on behavior from the mainland stops…

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Weather routing for passages

Jamie will be the first to tell you he’s not a weather router. But weather advice has crept into the work we do with coaching clients, as we seek to help them cruise happily. Getting caught in bad weather due to misjudging a forecast or failing to read conditions – common errors for new cruisers…

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Preparing a boat for haulout

Leaving Puerto Peñasco’s harbor in our wake last December, I really expected it would be years – many years! – before we returned. But, 2020! Now we’re preparing to haulout at Cabrales Boatyard again. The hurricane safe location offers us a chance to work on some minor projects for a couple of weeks, while readily…

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Managing resources: propane on board

We ran out of propane last night. Inconveniently enough (is it ever convenient?) it happened in the middle of cooking dinner. That’s preferable to seeing burner flames fizzle out before morning coffee is finished brewing, however. There was no crisis; a full second tank was waiting. Gauging consumption over time has helped us anticipate needs…

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Totem’s interim normal

A new rhythm patterns our secluded life as Totem floats off the cinder-strewn cone of Isla Coronados. Calling this the new normal feels premature, but it’s an interim normal with the a heartening return of an anticipatory routine. For all that our world is built on adapting to new situations, that an uncertain future no…

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Embrace the boring

Totem recently made landfall in Baja after a placid passage of a little over three days: north up the coast of Mexico’s mainland from Matanchen Bay, then across the Sea of Cortez to anchor a few skips south of Loreto. Placid. Placid? More like plodding. We motored the entire distance. When the engine finally went…

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pacific pearl sailing

Lagoon 42: A Comprehensive Review

Welcome to the first Catamaran review in our new series, and we’re kicking things off with the Lagoon 42! [embedded content] I can’t think of a more popular catamaran manufacturer than Lagoon. They seem to be everywhere you look, in every cruising ground, from the Mediterranean to French Polynesia. If you plan to go on…

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