G'day all you Legends!
We're back… and this time we'd like to introduce you to a five part series from our trip to Vanuatu, in the heart of the remote, rugged and beautiful South Pacific Islands. Part 1, we arrive and no time into fitting as much as we can into the day.. from collecting wild foul eggs, fending off sharks from Dogtooth Tuna to Kava with the locals.

Join us as we find ourselves on a private island- we fish, hunt, dive, cook, explore and learn from the locals who welcome us to their part of the world.

As always, let us know what you think and please share with your mates! We're on a mission to connect as many people as we can with getting back 2 basics.

And remember… the tide and time wait for no-one. So get out there!

Strick & Az.

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