Ep 112 Recaulking our Teak Decks While at Anchor in Paradise


During lockdown in Antigua we found ourselves with time on our hands for projects that we don’t usually have time for. Lacking temptations like drinking with other cruisers, we tackled a job that’s been on the back burner for a while … recaulking our teak decks.

After many years of exposure to the elements, the caulk had started to pull away from the adjacent teak. This left small gaps between the wood and the caulk that allowed water to infiate under and would eventually lead to the teak detaching from the deck, as it’s glued down.

This video isn’t so much of a how-to as a quick look at how we did it. There are tutorials on the web for teak deck restoration and care, and these are probably required viewing for anyone wanting to take on this job. Nevertheless, we were quite pleased with the outcome and imagine our viewers will enjoy the episode.

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