This was a week to remember !! After a few days of preparation on the Sophisticated Lady, the arrangement of small and large things to make the suitable for navigation (things of everyday as in a normal sedentary home) and the efficient and functioning navigation tools, we were able surf the waves of the !! Great success 🎉🎊🎉 !!!! As always, there are some unexpected events, setbacks and inconveniences to be faced but the emotion and joy, after months and months, of being able to have the opportunity and the freedom to raise the anchor and unfold the sails is priceless! ..

The wind conditions, from 17 to 20 knots, and the beautiful sea !! The sun to light up our day. Great output: only for the passion of sailing without a precise destination !! This is our great spirit .. finally re-emerged after a long mandatory hibernation !! Great desire for freedom and to feel alive !!! Our lady has behaved very well !! Worthy of its name !! We really think these days have started the next season of exploration of new seas and places still unknown to us !! We have 2/3 months of work and to be completed .. some tools to buy to make our boat strong, safe and comfortable for traveling in the Pacific .. Our future destination! fantastic !!!

Almirante Maddy, Capitan Rick, & TIKI

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