**WARNING: Slightly inappropriate outtakes at the end; please don’t watch with young children or those offended by adult humor.**

Join us as we explore the many options of land travel while living on a sailboat. We also haul the boat out at The Boat Works here in Australia, and check up on the Magic Antifoul, a year after application.

Find the Boat Works here: https://www.theboatworks.com.au/

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Renee & the Z-Crew

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Friday Night (sting version) by Sture Zetterberg

00:00 Welcome to Episode 144
1:32 Scooter, skateboard, walk
3:54 Haul Out, check Antifoul
8:54 Bus, Taxi, Uber, Rental Cars
13:12 Scooter, OneWheel
16:26 Dinghy, Random thoughts by Keith
18:37 Outtakes featuring Dr Keith