We’re rocketing down the Chesapeake Bay in storm conditions of 55 knot winds and huge waves. Then our rig makes a sound like a gun shot and we scramble to asses the damage before we hit a lee shore…..

After finishing our mini-refit in Annapolis we set sail under calm, beautiful conditions. Our destination is Little Creek, Virginia where we’ll stop and prepare to round the notorious Cape Hatteras. On our 2nd day out the conditions build throughout the day and by afternoon we find ourselves in terrible winds with huge following seas. The winds are a solid 40 knots with gusts to 55 knots. Things go sideways when we get hit by a combination of a wind shift and a large breaking sea that causes our jib to backwind and smashes our downwind pole into Delos. With a lee shore ahead we need to asses the damage and get some sail up to get into a protected anchorage.

Many hugs and hope you liked the video! Brian, Karin and little Sierra

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