Göcek, Turkey has one of the most beautiful coastlines in the . Tall mountains surround numerous protected bays and dense forests loom over the crystal clear water. Honestly on the surface it seems perfect. But these mountains create extremely deep anchorages so boaters are forced to anchor very close to land and tie lines ashore. This situation can be very dangerous if strong winds come from the wrong direction, which is actually not all that uncommon here since the wind wraps around the mountains in unpredictable ways. So you can never be certain that you are truly protected. And that's a bit hard to stomach when our home and everything we own and love hang in the balance. Now if you this area in the summer, the is for the most part calm and predictable, but you'll have to share it with about 7 billion other boats. So we're here in the spring and although the anchorages aren't too crowded, the weather is at times volatile and unpredictable. So we've got to learn cope with these unique challenges if we're going to survive one of the most beautiful cruising grounds we've ever experienced. But first we've got to make the 50 nm from our current anchorage at Serce Limani, we've been for the past week enjoying a bit of isolation and off-grid living.

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